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New Clan members coming respect them and dont make fun of them cuz they suck or i will bring ur rank down one! If you are wondering you maynot become an overlord the highest u can be is a staff no staffs under lvl 20 and u must prove ur self worthy to become a staff!! You can be in control be a clan leader for a day (you canot boot people from the clan) If you want to join this clan you can talk to me in the fourms. ALL MEMBERS MUST JOIN THE MAILING LIST AT THE BOTTEM OF THE HOME PAGE. any ideas for sight updates or you want a new clan icon? then talk to me (trashdigger33) or blade41a. If you are any lvl below 6 u will be a peon. compalin and be booted if you have any pictures u want on the web? then talk to me.

Welcome to my clan

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