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Elite Rampage Clan

Clan Members halo 2

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Clan Members halo 2
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New Clan Dress Code! Make Your charitcar read and Black with a white number. Black is Priamary color and Red is secondary. Make it so they blend if u dont know what i mean then look at my icon (do not do same number)
Overlords- 1
Staff- 2
member- 3
Peon- 4

Members... Trashdigger33-overlord Blade41a-overlord bentiguy99-staff sjock2006-member coolsonlcfan-member curtygspot-member Dmaster94-member humancactus-member melon906-peon milltownjoe13-staff nightstrike-member phatboyslum-staff darkmaster4-member malikorX-member mpp13-member xgroundxdogx-member


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