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Elite Rampage Clan

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Halo 1: if you want to join then talk to me (see ways to contact on home page) you will get a job and you will have to put {ER} in front of you halo user name.... tell me what it is. ex. {ER}yourname. YOU MUST HAVE HALO 1 FOR COMPUTER TO JOIN

Halo 2: to join contact me (se homepage) you will have a job and you will have to have ur xbox live name on this sight. YOU MUST HAVE XBOX LIVE AND HALO 2 TO JOIN THIS CLAN!!!

We have another clkan leader. Blade41a talk to him or me to join our clan and mabey u can become overlord.

Jobs you can do

Hog driver
Body gaurd
flag protecter
bomb protecter
gate garder (zanzibar)
think of more then tell me

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